Friday, May 3, 2013


The movie is complete, a wrap, all in, all over, brought about, brought to pass, buttoned up, compassed, concluded, consummated, depleted, drained, effected, effete, executed, exhausted, fixed, fulfilled, over, perfected, terminated, through, wired, and even wrought. Wanna see it? You have 3 Options:

1) Wait for it to come to a film festival near you. Pretty risky.
2) Purchase a DVD straight from me! I've included commentary and even a bonus film, never before seen, about a whale. Sweet deal!
3) The Zinema 2 Arthouse Cinema in Duluth, MN is hosting the World Public Premiere in two screenings Jun. 11, 2013. Admission is $8. I'll be making a triumphant MN return to present it along with some of my previous work. This is a great opportunity to say hello or kick me in the nards. Given the press the film received during production, I expect a sell out. Tickets are going through the Zinema For my local friends, I'm working on getting something setup.

I hope Duluthians will like it. I'm less concerned with how the town is presented and more so, will they dig a 17 min plotless art film? Early feedback is that Duluth just comes off as cold and not terribly dissimilar to anywhere else. This was on purpose to begin with, but I just couldn't say no to that title. After watching the film, I urge you to find a better name.

If you were a Kickstarter backer, you'll be getting your swag by next week. If you weren't, I'm already working on a new project that you can donate to! I'm looking to upset the classical music/high art world this time.

Til then,