Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A Little Off The Sides & Back

I believe I have a roughcut of the film. I'll be sending it out to the Duluth Is Horrible Advisory Committee tomorrow for their feedback. It's a tricky edit trying to blend the funny and not funny parts. Maybe I got it. The film should make you feel all the emotions - funny, sad, need to take a shower, etc. Assuming the film needs no big changes, I'll be then sending it off for some post work: sound design, color correction, effects. And yes, there are effects but hopefully you don't even notice where they were. Film should be done in April as I promised on Kickstarter. Those wondering how to get on the Duluth Is Horrible Advisory Committee, note that the members were pre-chosen by the head chair, President Barack Obama.

So what else is going on? Well, Duluth editing has taken up most of my free time but in two weeks, I go to Portland, OR for the Faux Film Festival where my previous film, KNFR From 7:00-7:30 will be playing. That film, which contains the infamous "David's Pizza Commercial", will be shown in its entirety. All 30 minutes that I worked so hard on for 2 years shown in front of a live non-friend audience. For those suffering from blog withdrawal, I was going to write about my experiences for my 3 days there.

I'm also writing my next film. I have another fairly complex short in me before tackling another feature. Early signs show lots of glorified extra roles. So get excited San Francisco actors!! I was even considering shooting a little of it when I make my return visit to Duluth for the screening. Whenever that is.

The moral of all this is: Blog posts were better when I was doing more than just staring at a computer. But this is where the film really gets made. So please excuse my tedium.

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