Monday, June 10, 2013

DAY 18+: Enger Management

Yesterday was supposed to be a shoot day. It was raining, at times hard. My actors were game. I was game. We went on and shot most of what resembles a woman staring at a nearly nude man with Japanese letters on him at the top of Enger Tower. Enger Tower is a giant medievalesque tower in Duluth and at the top floor, it was raining, cold, windy, and a terrible shooting experience. Memorable but perhaps I don't need such highlights.

The camera, a Canon 5d II, broke while we were out, getting the ominous Err 30, which according to online reports, means you're just fucking screwed. And such, after a hour's filming, the day was complete. Instead, I drowned my sorrows in wine, mexican food, and conservation the rest of the night. My lead actress knew of another filmmaker and I rented his camera for the rest of the shoot filming today. Then of course, my camera decided to start working again. But the damage has been done and I no longer trust my camera. Perhaps with counseling, we can work it out.

So today is hopefully the last day of shooting and I can take some more vacation days the rest of the time. There's so many Duluth friends I haven't got around to seeing yet. I hope many come to the screening tomorrow night.

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