Saturday, June 8, 2013

DAY 18+: Pure Pleasure

I am filming Sunday & Monday a new project entitled "I Found Myself Stuck In An Experimental Film." It is a very short piece about a woman who wakes up and finds all these bizarre things keep happening to her. It's really just a pastiche of experimental films and contains some direct references that 10% of the population will get.

Today was spent picking up items & location scouting. This seemingly took all day somehow. There is a shot with some showgirls and pasties are required. I visited the town sex shop, Pure Pleasure, but they lacked sufficient quantities. Can someone explain why pasties are so expensive? I decided to make my own. My generic felt white pasties are drying from glue as I type. Other items bought today: white underwear, a loaf of white bread, a tuxedo jacket...ya know - the makings of a hot Saturday night.

I'm still getting used to the summer version of Duluth. It is nearly 8:00p and the sun is barely setting. Everything is green. No longer white. People wear shorts and seem less miserable. I saw minorities! It's a different town. I was thinking that originally I didn't care if DIH was shot during winter or summer. Now I see the movie wouldn't nearly be the same in summer. That coldness really adds something.

This isn't the most exciting blogpost but then again, how much mileage can you get out of going to Hobby Lobby? Well, I did go twice.

In Memoriam - The Abandoned Building Used For Horrible Productions

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