Tuesday, December 18, 2012

New Video, Making The News!!

As I sit here listening to some HOT yuletide disco music, I decided I should send an update about the status of the project. First of all, there's a new pitch video on the page. Part pitch, part best-of reel, and another opportunity to explain the project and apologize to Duluth for the title. Given recent events, I also removed any talk of "blowing your brains out." A few people emailed me and were offended by that so now there's a video you can share that probably won't upset anyone! Hooray!!

I made the Duluth news again. Here's a report from Fox News 21 asking residents of what they think of the title. It's actually a semi-favorable piece. http://www.fox21online.com/content/duluth-residents-respond-duluth-horrible-movie-title

Actually, I've been befriended and emailed by many citizens who seem very nice and excited about the project. A lot of the latest backing activity has come from there. I'm no longer worried about finding talent or help. There will be plenty. Someone even recommended a good place for the karaoke scene. I'm told there are alot of mullets to be found there. Perfect!! I'm excited to meet & work with Duluthians on this movie.

I was feeling a little down this weekend about the status of the project. It's true we're far from my goal. But I'm committed to get it going and get the word out. I'll be sending more emails, more tweets, more Facebook posts, more everything. It's always better to try & fail, then give up. And with your help, we can get it out even more. So please share the project around. Part of the reason for adding clips of greatest hits to the pitch reel was to remind people "Hey, I make pretty good stuff. That gets views & exposure. And I'm not stopping."

THANK YOU for backing the project and your support. 17 Days to raise 9k. Let's do this!!!

- Vincent

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