Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Your Money & Me

If I could turn back time (sing along), I would change the Kickstarter goal to something slightly less. A full $10,000 will be needed but it seems so far away. Also I think people don't understand that it's all or nothing. I only get your donation if I reach the 10k goal. I explained today to someone why that much would be needed and thought I'd relay that info here as well:
  • Travel & Living Costs: Money for me to get there & live there for up to a month. I'll need food, clothing, and transportation to get around.
  • Actors: The actors need food, costumes, and some even get paid. 
  • Equipment & Crew: I'd like to shoot this on a nice HD camera. One I was going to rent when I get there or possibly even buy with the support of my savings. There will be a sound man too who obviously will need compensation. Money is also an incentive to have crew & actors brave the elements to help make this. 
  • Insurance: Filming in certain locations usually requires liability insurance. Plus in the potential harsh climate, equipment insurance would be good to have too. 
  • Post: When the movie's all shot, it'll need to get edited, have a post sound mix, & have original music added. $$$
  • Marketing: It's not enough to make a film anymore, you have to market it too. So some money goes to festival submissions costs, DVDs, and other promotional material. Also considering hiring a publicist to get word out more.
  • Kickstarter Itself: Did you know they take a cut? As does Amazon Payments? Plus all the money to make the rewards. I may have the DVDs sitting around but I gotta mail them.
In short, it adds up. Any contribution helps. But don't take my written word for it. Watch me say it to you:

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