Thursday, January 10, 2013

Coming Soon To Your Town...

It's a done deal. The town is expecting me. I made an offer to the Mayor that if he starred in the film, I'd change the title. He wanted to know if a cameo would do the trick.'d depend where. I can always hire a Don Ness impersonator and keep the title as is.

Most logistics are taken care of. I have my flight booked, an apartment (courtesy of Airbnb), a rental car, a cinematographer, and clothing that will make me look like an idiot. Have a location list and a casting list, though not officially posted just yet. Auditions and location scouting will be that first week I'm there and the shooting will be the next week. I believe all shooting can be all completed in 4 days.

I should be back on Feb. 14 because there is nothing more romantic than being on a 8 hour flight with one stop in Phoenix. This certainly will be an adventure. I'm excited to go somewhere, to meet new people, to have new experiences, and obviously make my next film. It'll be like Call Of The Wild without the dog and more open cases of clinical depression.

Back on the homefront, I lost a production gig because "I do comedy" and they're making a drama. Keep in mind, I would be the cinematographer. Can you frame for funny? Even if you can, it's a light chuckle. I hope "Duluth Is Horrible" will show I'm capable of producing more dramatic work. That said, I got my Carmen Miranda costumes in the mail today.

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