Friday, January 4, 2013

I'm Going To Duluth

With the help of 87 generous backers, I’ve successfully funded my next film, “Duluth Is Horrible.” I’m a little shocked honestly and surprised, but there is little time to just sit in a daze. It’s time to put the wheels in motion. I’ve already started looking at the best travel times. I’m thinking I’ll leave Jan. 26 and return around Feb. 14, as to be present for my Muppetless Movie showing at the SF Indiefest.

I THINK I can get everything I need in that period. I don’t suspect actual shooting to be all that lengthy. There’s only 17 scenes and some are very brief. What will take a while is finding the right actors and they will be key to the film’s success. There’s about 20 roles of varying requirements and I will put up a casting call perhaps before arriving. I’ll also need to find locations and with a title like mine, this could be a challenge.

I have already purchased my winter clothes after studying the Arctic Climate Guide. I am convinced I will be laughed at. But at least I will be warm. I will writing in my blog hopefully every day about my adventures.

Before this all my previous films were self-funded and it was a bonus that people seemed to like them. Now those same people have given me money to make another so I feel the need to make something really great. My goal is to make something beautiful. I certainly hope I can and am extremely grateful to those who backed the project to give me the chance. Thank you.

Now, let's make a movie! 

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