Friday, January 25, 2013

The Journey Begins

Tomorrow at 4:00am, a shuttle will take me to San Francisco Airport where I'll take a plane to Minnesota. I also stop in Phoenix but by the time I get there, she'll be rising. Why do people always say "safe travels?" It's not like I'm flying the plane.

The film continues to get press in Duluth. Here's a radio interview I did for a local radio station:

Two days of auditions are lined up Wednesday & Thursday. I'm feeling good about these prospects. I'm glad alot of them are actual Duluthians and not just a bunch of actors shipped in from Minneapolis (though there are those too). I could use a few more auditions for women in their 30s so if you are such an age and will be in Duluth at the same time, let me know. I also hope to secure all locations this upcoming week too. Luckily, there's not all that many. Once I have actors & locations set, we'll shoot for approximately 3 days. That should probably do it. I've tried to keep things simple and my crew will consist of myself, a fantastic cinematographer named Keith Horn, sound guy Dan (of course), and a stable of young optimistic people who want to help. I hope I don't crush their cinematic dreams with my increasing use of profanity and pessimism as the days go by. Hey, filmmaking isn't always fun ok!

I have encountered one slight setback so far. I am sick. Yesterday, I was really bad and saw visions of things usually reserved for my films. Today I am ok. At least, good enough to get on an airplane. With the help of my friend Mucinex D, I hope to be better soon. There is much to do.

Starting today, I'll be writing a daily entry here about my adventures in the Land of Lakes (love their margarine). Be ready for exclusive Duluth filmmaking coverage. Let's go to Minnesota!

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