Wednesday, January 30, 2013

DAY 5: Now Take Off Your Clothes

Today me & a potential actress for the Webcam Sex Girl role watched some reference video and had a good laugh when the webcam performer gave a tease of her granny panties. Five minutes later, she was eating a sandwich. HOT!

It was the first official day of auditions. Saw 6 people in 4 hours. Should have been 8 but someone's car broke down and someone just didn't show up. I'm sure that actress' foot was stuck in a bear trap somewhere. Everybody today was solid and all are certainly in consideration. The biggest challenge will be finding the right couples. Just because someone is individually good in a part, they may not be right when paired with someone else. So it's a bit of a mix/match game. Tomorrow I have my final set and will know who's what Friday or Saturday.

There are at least two other films being filmed in Duluth at this time. I know because the actors have told me. I haven't heard a single word about them in the press. And one is a feature! I'm trying to figure out why my little short film has been getting so much attention. I suspect it's a combination of 1) I choose Duluth specifically and came here 2) The title is provocative 3) I raised money to do this via Kickstarter & 4) Because I've actually had some previous success.

I must admit I kinda get off on my bad boy image, because if you have met me in real life, I don't think I come off as terribly threatening. I often get cute & endearing. My resemblance to a weasel also helps in this regard. People have been looking at me funny here. I'm not sure if it's because I'm dressed like an idiot or because they recognize me from the news. Can anyone verify if there is a wanted sign at the post office?

In other news, it looks like we'll be filming the date scene over at Bellisio's. Again, super nice. Super supportive. In terms of getting locations, Duluth is awesome. It's never been this easy & it can be a real struggle in SF, unless you know them already. Most just don't want to be bothered with your little film. So to the other filmmakers of the world, consider Duluth!


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  2. 5) You posted on PDD, and the rest didn't.

    1. The intial Kickstarter video was posted there by someone else. Outside of a few "damage control" comments and my casting call, I've tried to remain fairly inactive.

    2. Regardless, you got attention on PDD, and the rest haven't. I think a lot of people around here rely on it more to get an idea of whats going on around town than the newspaper. I know I do.