Thursday, January 31, 2013

DAY 6: Thanks For Coming In

Where I live here, there is a McDonalds & Burger King across the street from each other. I thought that fascinating until I saw there's a Wendy right behind BK. That's just silly.

It's officially cold here today. Last time I was outside, it was 1 degree. I'm told by it actually feels like -21. It's still not cold enough for me honestly. I mean, yeah I don't want to stay out there, but I wanna feel the worst you got. It's like when you ask for spicy at a Thai restaurant but they don't think you can take it, so they really give you medium. If there's no fear an appendage might fall off, it's not cold enough. BUT, on the plus side, it IS finally cold enough to bust out the arctic gear for a fashion show. Stay tuned for tomorrow's blog ladies ;)

At the end of today's auditions at 8:00p, I was completely exhausted. Even though I started only at 4, I saw lots of people today and I said the same things to most of them. My voice & mind were gone by the end of the sessions. Lots of good people and I think enough to make my decisions. I'm gonna stew over it tonight & tomorrow & revisit some of the audition tapes. I certainly met some interesting people through the sessions. One girl works at UPS but is also a blacksmith & a rapper. Another works in microbiology and we discussed bacteria, sometimes in relation to stds. She also said I was really weird. Sometimes on these little unrelated side stories, I get a better idea on the actor than when they just read lines and I'm not against adding some of this real element to their fictional characters. One of the roles (Younger Woman On Date) has to improv why they love animals. If all else fails, I can just take the responses from these auditions and make a "Duluth Women Love Animals" movie.

Tomorrow & Saturday, it's "time to get serious." Time to start making some decisions and prep everything for filming, which looks like it will be the end of next week. I want to get all my chores out of the way and go back to simply experiencing Duluth. It's better blog fodder. 

Hey, is it too late? I wanna audition!

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