Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Time Of Twilight Is Approaching!

Well Ladies & Gentlemen, this is it. This Saturday at Noon, my Kickstarter campaign will be over. I've gotten a huge push since the last update and we're only about 2 grand away. I think there's a good chance of this thing happening. Thanks to everyone who has donated so far and has spammed their friends with this thing. My appreciation doesn't translate well in words on the internet but I seriously appreciate any & all support. I owe everyone a beer (and whatever rewards you signed up for).

Assuming the campaign is a success come Sat, then it's time to get serious. Put up a casting call, find locations, book equipment & crew. My plan is to do some of this before my journey but obviously most will need to happen in Duluth. I'm looking forward to meeting people, spending time there, and apologizing to everyone for unfairly calling it horrible.

ALSO, SPECIAL MINNESOTA OFFER!: Pledge $2500 and we'll change the name to either "Duluth Is Ok Actually," "Fresno Is Amazing," or my personal favorite "Duluth, Don't Lose That Number." Think about it!

I'm going to bug everyone I know one more time and hopefully you can do that too, especially with your politician, NFL & dentist friends. Thanks again and I hope to have exciting news soon!

- Vincent


  1. I think you're down to needing $366.00 or less now. I just did $20.00. :)