Saturday, January 26, 2013

Day 1: Yep

The first words I heard from a Minnesotan, upon asking if this was the shuttle to the car rental place, was "You Betcha." Really? I guess there's a reason for stereotypes.

This day started with a very early pickup from my house to SFO. The early morning hot mix of Estelle, Katy Perry, & Miley Cyrus from the shuttle radio made me want to go to my fictional corporate job and "close the deal." Seriously though, nobody should have to listen to "Party In The USA" at 4:30 in the morning.

Got laid in Phoenix. Laid over I mean. The plane was delayed. I thought about many bizarre things during this time of contemplation, which by this point I've completed forgotten. Mostly I thought how long will I continue to be sick? I am slightly better today or at least I was. Since arriving at MSP, my entire left ear has been clogged up and refuses to go away. It's not much fun being in mono.

I write from the Prime Rate Motel where I've been told there are free donuts for breakfast. The decor looks exactly as one would expect from a budget Minnesota motel from 1982. Also numerous items are slanted to the left on the wall. Does nobody care? Am I first person to stay in Room 139? Or is there some some of "Mystery Spot" action going on here. In the corner is the chair that nobody wants to see. A table sits next to it but sitting on the floor gives you the same height advantage as the chair. I'm being very descriptive because I'm also being very lazy and refuse to just take pictures.

I could of gone to a one of a kind place here in Wherever I Am, Minnesota but just wanted something quick, simple, and could bring back to my room. It's just not a Bumpers Sports Bar night. So I decided to eat fresh at the nearby Subway. In going to a place familiar to these eyes, I was able to spot the subtle differences. First of all, everybody here is White. Growing up in highly diverse Stockton, CA, I still find large groups of just white people a little strange. Secondly, this Subway was gigantic and stretched out for what seemed to be miles. Thirdly, they just give you spinach without even asking. I busted out some Arctic clothes for this Subway trip and found myself overdressed. I was prepared for ice fishing. Not the Spicy Italian.

But yes, what you've heard is true. It's cold outside...Sorry.....BABY, it's cold outside. Although warm for here, I believe it was around 21 degrees. It didn't feel too bad. It was brisk. I kinda liked it actually and was slightly disappointed that my lungs didn't catch on fire or my eyelids froze open. I will regret that joke when it comes time to actually filming outside. And besides, I did lose my hearing so there's that.

Tomorrow I'll make my 2 hour trek to Duluth where I have an apartment waiting for me for 2 1/2 weeks. Just imagine the adjectives there! My hearing MUST be back by Monday or it's doctor time. Granted I'm not the Soundguy, but it's real hard to concentrate. Overall though, I'm excited. What am I doing here? A smug grin came across my face when the ACE Car Rental girl asked me this and I replied "I gotta go to Duluth." Nuff said.

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  1. Just in case:
    Both are located near downtown (in "hospital city" as it's called).