Friday, February 1, 2013

DAY 7: I'm Too Sexy For This Balaclava

NOTE: If you're an actor who tried out for the film, I will be sending emails tomorrow. I believe I made my choices but wanna sleep on it. 

Besides I have karaoke to attend! Going to make a research trip out to the Round-Up tonight. I was there earlier today and talked to the manager. He's letting me film there but it will be in the morning, not at regularly scheduled karaoke times. That is now. And I just want to see the setup. I guess you'll know where I'll be tonight if you wanna say hello or kick me in the balls.

Speaking of saying hello, I was having dinner with Meghan & Bryan at the Duluth Grill and sure enough I was approached by someone who recognized me. They shook my hand, said they liked the title and my other films. I could get used to this celebrity business. Incidentally, I've never had fish served to me in the shape of a cinnamon roll.

Today was the coldest day I've felt yet. My nose hasn't quite been the same since this morning. I blew my nose and a penguin came out. The weather prompted me to pull out my arctic clothing. So get ready girls, here now is a fashion show just for YOU.


  1. Wanna sell the coat when you leave?

  2. Good call on the layers.

    It may look extreme but seeing the temperatures for Duluth on the weather network, their colder temperatures are comparable to the ones here up north. Skin freezes in minutes, so layers and a parka are a good idea.

    Your previous post about the BK/McD's/Wendy's being next to each other: we have a lot of them situated like this in shopping complexes. Constant competition!

    Hope you don't mind my following you on FB and twitter.

    1. No, I don't mind you following me. Enjoy my online presence!

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