Wednesday, February 6, 2013

DAY 12: The Vincent Gargiulo Media Blitz!!

I don't have much time to talk. We start filming in a few hours and I still need to tell myself that I'm smart enough, good enough, and that people like me. So in lieu, here are a bunch of articles that came out TODAY about my work.

Here's one from the San Francisco Bay Guardian talking a little about Duluth, David's Pizza, & my Muppetless Movie which is playing at the SF Indiefest Feb. 17 & 19.,0

On the local front, here's one from the Duluth News Tribune telling you where I'll be so you can properly stalk me.

Fox 21 News is coming later to the set, so there will probably be a story on TV tonight. The lesson here kids is if you want anybody to pay attention to your rinky dink short film, go to a random place and offend it. 

Occasionally, I like to check out the analytics of this blog. Here's what people searched for to find it. Notice anything funny here?


  1. Could be worse. I used to have a blog, and despite the fact that I never broached that particular topic, people mysteriously wandered onto my blog searching for information on cock stuffing. Yup.

  2. Hahaha! Again with the panties....why am I not surprised? And I'm no one to talk, with all the lingerie in my career....Go get 'em, Vincent! I loved working with you and I'm sure you've gotten even better since then. XOXOXO

  3. Haha. I love that somebody searched for "granny panties" in quotations. That made me smile. Maybe they were talking about me.