Saturday, February 9, 2013

DAY 15: And You May Ask Yourself...Well, How Did I Get Here?

I had so many offers to go out and get drinks tonight. I'd love to. I really would. But I'm just too tired and after being outside most of the day, a little too comfortable in my warm apartment. It's been non-stop since Wed and it's nice to just chill on my bed tonight.

Today became a full-on shooting day starting at noon. The first part consisted of getting a few more shots of tourist attractions, including Enger Tower, a giant tower in the middle of nowhere. I trudged through the snow to get there, getting a couple crappy shots of it. I also fell down. From there it was on to the zoo, where I filmed a man continually breaking his pencil trying to draw a lynx & a cougar. The wolves & bears were even active today. I swear a bear waved at me. I was told that one of the bears was a reject from an Alaskan zoo where he kept escaping and eating the barnyard animals.

Finished up the night filming the movie's "ex-girlfriend", Theresa, wandering around Downtown Duluth. This is one of the few parts Duluth really is featured and I can hear the outcry already. "Oh, of all the beautiful things in town, he had to go and film the ugly stuff." If that doesn't piss them off, then the geography of Theresa's walk will. "Hey, she went down Michigan St. and now she's on First but why did she go right on Superior. WHERE IS SHE GOING!?"

Last night, a group of new friends invited me out for a night of drinks, with each bar subsequently worse. We started at JJ Astor with its rooftop views, swank decor, and a small jazz band playing cuts from "The Umbrellas of Cherbourg." From there, we took a swift dive in quality at the Stargate/Builders Bar in Superior. It's like Hawaii threw up in there but I did get a free whiskey soda out of the deal. I also couldn't pass up a chance to perform a little karaoke magic on Blur's "Song 2" and Beastie Boys "Intergalatic."

From bad, we went to worse, across the street at the Centerfolds strip club. What a dark sad little place. There was a rather large stripper there. From behind you couldn't tell if she was wearing underpants as her g-string was swallowed up by her robust buttocks. Like a bad car accident, I couldn't look away as she pushed a man's face into her big floppy breasts. She looked about as into it as one sits waiting for their laundry. Still...she did have the biggest boobs in the place. Problem is, she had the biggest everything in the place. We ended the night at Curlys where I was treated to a delicious apple pie shot. Centerfolds was worse than Curly's but plenty of dreams have died there too. I forgot to mention we got to all these places via some sort of car/monster truck/bus hybrid which must have been stolen from the Indiana Jones ride at Disney World. If you feel a little off today, it's probably because the world turned off its axis when the vehicle made a right turn. All in all, my degeneration tour has been one of the highlights of my trip and I thank Nadia & Ryan for having me. 

There's a not a single photo of this man that isn't blurry.


  1. Between Builders and Centerfolds, I don't know which one is worse. Stargate is locally known as "Slutgate", I hope you investigated that crime scene.