Sunday, February 10, 2013


Boy, this town has a major drug problem. The crack just pours from the sky here. 

It's Winter Storm Orko. Who comes up with these names? Is it one guy? Is it chosen by committee? Does it just come mysteriously in a dream and made into a Kickstarter project? Snowed in, I started looking at all the footage. It looks really good. Now comes the editing part, which is when all magic disappears. Watching the same clips over & over, tweaking it by fractions of a second. Luckily, this movie has alot of long takes which will make it easier but despite its charms, I'll be incredibly sick of it by the end of March. The sacrifices I make for you people to watch a decent flick. 

Here's some more media about me. From the SF Chronicle, a short blurb about Muppetless Movie:

And here's two pictures the Duluth New Tribune posted from Day 1. Notice my model pose in the second one:

I rested last night and got even more today, being trapped in the house. It seems now is as good a time as any to post this clip from one of my all-time favorite shows, "The Mighty Boosh."


  1. I know you know that editing, despite the slog, releases moments of magic. It is when we find the perfect frame to cut on. One frame too long, and the motion doesn't flow. One frame to short, and the sequence doesn't gel. But when that perfect frame is found on both sides of the cut, the cramped, little room you're in suddenly opens up. The stench of day old food, and tundra coffee, evaporates. And there is joy in Muddville.

    1. Well I know the movie actually gets made in the editing room and it's true, when you find that magic cut and it all goes together, you feel good. But laying on a beach in San Diego with a margarita & a beautiful woman also feels good. I'm not sure where I'm going with this analogy. I just been cooped up too long in the house today.