Sunday, February 3, 2013

Day 9: What's In A Name?

The other night I went to a house party and met somebody who was cold, cynical, and the opposite of this Minnesota Nice thing I've experienced. We immediately hit it off and she invited me out last night. I was sure she was going to stand me up, so I was amazed and slightly disappointed when she was actually there. However, she left within 10 minutes proving she has enough Minnesota Nice in her to make sure I got there before ditching me. Luckily, she left me with some interesting & nice people. One such lady named Kate gave me a book of her poetry and then escorted me to Tycoons, where she gave me a lesson about how the highway was created. I gave her a motivational speech about feeding off the people who fucked you over in life. I met other people: an older man who said his thoughts were not important, the director of the local Burlesque troupe, and a younger man successfully pulling off Grandpa's clothes. I've been terribly social here and been wondering why I'm not this cool in San Francisco.

My film is a sociology experiment. What seems interesting is that the press is making it bigger than it actually is. It's 20 minutes of just people moping around in some silly art movie. This is a threat? I can't wait till its done and actually shows here. What a shitstorm that'll be! The last time I got this much attention for a title was for my film I Am Jesus Christ, but even then I wasn't once mentioned on God's blog. I watched that Google Fiber video in which Google is presented as a little girl in a tracksuit who comes to Duluth to send old ladies on jets. This video is far more damaging to the town than anything in my film. And Mr. Mayor, I'm still awaiting my puppy dog.

I'm enjoying my celeb status here so much that I've decided to open a new midwest video division. I already bought the space and it'll be called Vincent Gargiulo's Horrible Productions.

Artist Rendering

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