Saturday, February 2, 2013

Day 8: Terribly Boring Post About Writing Emails

Today has been the most exhaustive day yet and I haven't even left the house. I made my casting decisions this morning and then proceeded to spend the next couple hours trying to coordinate everyone's schedule. I think I finally got it. Then, I sent emails to everyone letting them know they've been cast and the schedule. I sent emails to those who didn't get in too. It's almost an entirely Duluthian cast. Most do not have alot of acting credits to their name, but I feel confident in all of them.   

Last night, I sang a few tunes at the Round-Up karaoke bar. We're filming there next week. My haunting renditions of the Doors "Touch Me" & Ray Charles "You Don't Know Me" brought down the house and prompted hugs, high-fives, and suggestions to go on American Idol. I suggested maybe Duluth Idol but they were convinced I was ready for the big show...I also got feedback on my boots which apparently make me look like I'm "from the country." I'm just glad I figured out a few days ago that it does matters which foot they're on.

What Am I Doin' Hanging Round?:

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