Friday, February 8, 2013

DAY 14: Snow Very Close

Did an hour long interview on the Walt Dizzo radio show last night. Probably one of my best. Well at least, we talked about more than just if I think Duluth is really horrible. In fact, I broke the exclusive last night that it really IS horrible and that I'm secretly making a documentary about how terrible the town & the people are. EXPOSED! For this venture, I traveled over the bridge to Superior, Wisconsin. I wasn't purposely driving slow. That's just how fast my car is. Upon first glance, Superior reminded me of a snow-capped Stockton. Lower-income housing and more urban sprawl. Even the UW campus seemed familiar somehow.

This morning, we completed the karaoke scene at the Round-Up. I'm looking forward to this part in the movie and it's the one place where all the central characters collide. I'm pretty damn proud of my original karaoke tune "A Bear, A Hedgehog, Or A Monkey" too. Our star Shane May does a great job on it, though he'll never believe you. From there, over to the most beautiful bench at Lake Superior. When it wasn't available, we settled for that one bench behind the Portland Malt Shoppe. We stood out in the cold waiting for a truck to stop making noise for a good thirty minutes. We watched over the frozen lake. I watched PA Tony attempt to walk on it. I came up with the idea that I should walk into the movie at the very end and tell a few bad jokes. Nobody was listening. I agreed to have a local photographer come by and take a photo for his Duluth Survey, but was surprised and slightly offended he wanted everyone but me in the photo. That's like going around and taking pictures of my kid. It better be a damn good photo.

After illegal parking at a college and annoying some students, we ventured over to the mall for some guerrilla shots of our tourist couple. The only opposition came in the form of a skinny unintimidating janitor with long hair, who basically said he wasn't going to do anything but somebody could. We were in & out and I had a slice of pizza from Barro (the s had fallen off). We also did a quick shot of the tourists at the aquarium. Maybe I'm spoiled with Monterey Bay, but I found it to be a little, um...lacking. While nice looking and would be terribly impressive in someone's home, it was pretty underwhelming for the money. I've seen more fish at sushi restaurants. Sorry Great Lakes Aquarium, it was just my first impression. I'll still go on a second date with you sometime.

Cinematographer Kevin, Soundman Jason, the PA's, & most of the actors are wrapped but there's still a few more things I'll get tomorrow before WINTER NEMO traps us all inside. I must go out and have some drinks tonight too because of this. TTFN.


  1. The sequel could be called: 'Wisconsin is Superior'.

  2. Don't feel bad about dissing the aquarium, even the locals hate it. "It's just like a normal aquarium, except instead of pretty salt-water fish, it's full of boring, grey fresh-water fish!"
    When it opened, it had a seriously depressing mobile hanging from the ceiling of shellacked dead fish, as in fish that used to be swimming at that very aquarium, then covered in varnish and hung above their former habitats.